Headache and limbs


Head and limbs are considered as a sure sign of an approaching flu that they are already described almost as an independent disease . But it is worthwhile to deal more effectively with the causes to better understand the body and respond appropriately can. With joint pain muscle pain are mostly meant. They occur on the arms and legs and are often accompanied by a feeling of weakness associated.

The symptoms can quickly and insidiously occur . This is due mostly in the relevant pathogen that caused the disease. The organism reacts to the pathogen with prostaglandins, which are chemical messengers that in turn cause pain . The accompanying headaches is usually a result of infection of the nose and throat mucous membranes. Still sits the secretion firm and increases the pressure on the head, pain is the result.

Help home remedies for colds ?

” Faith can move mountains ” . This is also true for home remedies tips about colds. So who has the feeling that will help in a method that should stick with it, even if there is no evidence. The science neglected especially with the home remedies mental balance. Above all, children need increased attention and recover more quickly when they are cared for. Many activities are also very ancient and have been handed down from generation to generation. This includes home-cooked juices from onions or envelopes with mustard or cheese . One of the most popular home remedies is the tonic chicken broth. Many home remedies exert an anti-inflammatory effect and therefore have absolute authority.

Conventional medicine and naturopathy for colds

Both therapies are useful. Pneumonia is one in conventional medical care . A common cold can be treated like natural medicine . Many therapeutic agents from natural medicine can also be combined with allopathic means. Which they are, must be discussed with the attending physician or medical practitioner. Even with the fever does not always have ” chemical warfare” are used. Here Schüssler – salts, the particular temperature can be adjusted, good services. Fever is also not a disease, but a countermeasure of the body to fight the pathogen. Only when it remains higher for a longer period of time at 40 ° C or even or a febrile convulsion threatening medical intervention is necessary. Until then Wadenwickel are supportive possible as long as the limbs are not cold.